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December 17th


There are no age, gender or sex restrictions on makeup of teams.

Two groups of eight two person teams with each team playing three games at alternating times.

Alternating draws allows time for participants to socialize, eat and warm-up between games.

Spiel is now over and results added to draw sheets. Winning teams are in red.

Click here to see Sturling rules

Group A

Group B

Mark Carswell/Gerry Loreth

Karen Young/Leslie Kaehn

Jamie Mould/ Gary Shalansky

Don Eisbrenner/Linda Eisbrenne

Rick Williams/ Phil Bajkov

Gary Schmidt/Heather Johnson

Harry Ulch / Louie Correia

Donna Witala/Mary Thibeault

Wayne Carkner/ Jeanne Moffat

Tony Barata/Donelda Barata

Fred May/Doug Dalziel

Brian Evanoff/Marj Cruwys

Barry Hirtz/Rick Lucking

Glen Lilly/ John Sunley

David Bryden/Don Takahashi

Cecille Mortenson/Sheila McDougall

Group A draws All games filled out with winners in red Group B draws All games filled out with winners in red
Draw One with names 9am Draw One With names 10am
Draw Two 11:30am Draw Two 12:30pm
Draw Three 2pm Draw Three 3pm


Group A

Group A Teams

Group B

Group B Teams